Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Funny Thing Happened at The Feed Store

A funny thing happened at the Feed Store.

The following phone call came in from Fleming Feed & Hardware-our feed store- home of the best support best team on earth- Jim, Rob and Sean at the Stonington branch & Jaclyn from Nutrena make my life easier on more levels than I can describe. I see them more frequently than my family, my vet, and my blacksmith combined.


"Sharon, it's Jim, I have some fantastic news."

"You do?"

"Yes, you won the drawing."

"The drawing." ???

"Yes, you won the raffle!"

"The raffle." ???

"That's what I said! You're the big winner of a big prize!"

"Big Prize." ??? "Jim, are you feeling all right?"

You get the idea here. Jim insisted I won the raffle and to leave room for a large pick up when I came in on Wednesday. Naturally my radar was up and suspicions heightened but no amount of my grilling got him to fess up.

The next day on a run to the feed store, Jim presented me with the raffle ticket. (see below)

As tempting as the diet soda was, I went with the 48" barn wreath.

Thank you to my "Secret Santa", I love you (whomever you are) for knowing where I shop, for the gesture, for making us feel appreciated, shopping locally, and most importantly making me LAUGH!

Thank you & Merry Christmas

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