Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beautiful coverage of the February UPHA Winter Tournament by Mary Beth Alosa Photography

I had a wonderful time last Sunday officiating at the UPHA Winter Tournament horse show held at Cater Stables. Kristen, David and Mary are great hosts. There was a great turnout and Mother Nature blessed us with mild temperatures. I had great fun working from the center of the ring with ringmaster Gary Saccocia, Jr. who many of your know is half of our amazing dental team of Dad and son. Gary Sr. and Jr. are the finest professionals and wonderful friends.

Mary Beth Alosa photographed the event and proofs can be seen at

"MB" worked so hard all day to get it all right: the timing, the light, the emotion, the moment that we all love to see captured (especially Moms and Dads- I can say this as a horse show Mom!). You can lose yourself in all of MB's beautiful images, take some time to check out her portfolios.

Check out the future of equitation! All of these tots were able to tell me where their heels are supposed to go, what those funny silver things their feet go into are called, and what color their horses were. More than a couple looked at me like they were surprised a grown up didn't know what color their horse was, which was unexpected and made me laugh!

Maggie has everything in place perfectly! Mom & Instructor Kim Timmons of Afterthought Farm brought several riders out who showed equal form and poise.

Johnny Lettre showed us all how hard he has been working on his posting this winter. Mom Sarah looks on- in a rare moment of holding still! Sarah does a phenomenal job organizing and coordinating the Chapter 14's Winter Tournamnent Series.

All business!

All photos are courtesy of Mary Beth Alosa and Alosa Photography.

Oh except for this one below of "Baby Girl" Cater! I took it. Hence the tail only half in the photo. Horse show fans, do you remember the tiny days old abandoned kitten found abandoned out behind one of the back barns during Big E 2008? Kristen adopted her and literally brought her back to life. As Mrs. Spann explained to me that she's become "half dog and half human". She is a member of the family, is thriving and adorable!!!!!

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